Best DevOps Training (Start Your Journey)

DevOps is fast taking over operations in leading organizations all thanks to its ability to expand the boundaries of information technology. Data from Computer Associates indicates that 80 percent of Global Fortune 1000 organizations will adopt DevOps by 2019. Which is why if you’re looking for a promising career you should start your journey with the best DevOps training offered online.

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Who Is DevOps Training Best Suited For?

DevOps training is a vital skill for anyone operating within the vast IT profession. More so, the training is a must-have for developers, system admins, release engineers, solutions architects, testers and cloud professionals.

Data from indicates that IT practitioners with DevOps skills are among the highest paid in this field taking home an average salary of $123K. Of course, this figure is likely to grow as demand for the skill is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Just to give you an idea of just how on-demand this career field is, a 2017 report by showed that job openings targeting DevOps engineers grew by 106%.

So, there is a lot of room for growth and you really can’t go wrong provided you invest in the best DevOps training.

A Challenging New Tech World

While there are many different technical skills required to survive in the modern-day business environment, the truth of the matter is that DevOps engineering is one area that changes frequently.

Whether you are talking about deployment pipelines, incident management or systems architecture, a DevOps engineer will always encounter new, interesting challenges.

In other words, if you are always up for new challenges then this could be the game-changer you’ve been yearning for in your career.

All About Teamwork And Collaboration

One unique aspect of DevOps is its ability to leverage on collaboration to maximize output. This technology is all about transforming the functional work experience by breaking down silos between operations and development teams.

A DevOps engineer provides the missing link or bridge by bringing different teams to work together for a common goal. As the world of technology moves towards people-driven innovations, DevOps presents a fantastic springboard for different career levels.

What to Expect Out of DevOps Training

A good DevOps training is one that provides flexibility.

The module can be broken down into either individual classes or corporate training solutions for business.

Further, the training can be broken down into either instructor-led training or blended learning delivery model. Either way, the system should focus on providing you with self-paced learning.

Apart from theoretical learning, a good instructor will be keen to expose the learner to at least 3 hands-on practical projects using DevOps tools.

This, coupled with comprehensive simulation exams and live demos provides an all-around understanding of this dynamic course. Typical areas of training include:

  • DevOps tools
  • Docker
  • AWS Development
  • SaaS-based applications

The training may also cover Splunk – a popular data visualization tool.

Take The Next Step

In a nutshell, while different training modules offer varied experiences, an exhaustive curriculum should be adequate to get the learner several steps ahead of the pack.

The bottom-line is that DevOps is the future of service delivery and the sooner you appreciate that fact, the sooner your journey begins.

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