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As the Author of the eBook associated with this site (Shades of DevOps: Kick Starting Your Plan) as well as the Operations Manager who dealt with these experiences firsthand, I appreciate your interest!

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About Shades of DevOps

I’ve titled this eBook Shades of DevOps for obvious reasons, DevOps is ambiguous.

The book is about conflict and struggles. About old practices versus new methods of doing the same thing. About growing and changing so you don’t become the next Blockbusters or Kodak! And there’s a lot of stuff about hangups.

Frankly speaking, by the time you finish reading half way through this eBook, you will question your sanity for even considering going against “Status-Quo”.

The Catchy Title Aside…

Understanding DevOps takes more than reading this eBook or any of the other books you can buy on Amazon with catchy titles.

It will take failing! Then learning from your mistakes and going on…only to fail again, and again, and probably again before it’s over.

But that’s not all.

Your leadership and dedication will be tested and questioned, too…You may even be fired!

And, before you notice any signs of improvement, you will likely want to quit (some of you will quit).


Because building a DevOps culture of TRUST takes time, as does getting past the hangups of traditional IT.

Yet, if you’re willing to suck it up and work for it (I mean really give it your all as a leader), you will be surprised how transforming DevOps can be.

Right around now your probably thinking, who is this guy writing this stuff?

Well, I’m just someone who’s been there several times and decided to map-out my trip for others to hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls.

I’ve also published two other books on virtualization that are listed on Amazon.

Hopefully, I can satisfied your curiosity, if not can contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

You should read this eBook if you can relate to these topics:

  • Chaotic IT Processes
  • Hodge-Podge Infrastructure
  • Ridiculous Technical Debt
  • Poor Communication
  • Painfully Slow Server Deployments
  • Extreme Complexity
  • Technology Silos (Turf Wars)

This eBook Covers:

  • What is DevOps?
  • A brief introduction of the DevOps Culture
  • Writing DevOp Jobs Descriptions
  • Sample DevOps Interview Questions
  • What’s needed to get you started
  • Daily Standup Meetings (and Meetups)
  • Realistic Expectations (Baby Steps)
  • Courage Under Fire when being Disruption
  • Staffing Requirements and Training


I want to thank the many people I’ve worked with over the years. Especially those whom I’ve learned the most from on how to treat people because in the end, DevOps comes down to people TRUSTING each other and working together.

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